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The killing on 27th July 2014 of a teenage farmer by a soldier from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces is the latest tragedy emerging out of Cambodia’s land grabbing crisis. 19 year old Try Chamroeun was reportedly shot... read more
Source: Publish What You Pay Date: 18 Jul 2014 Publish What You Pay condemns the arrest of Ali Idrissa, ROTAB and PWYP Niger coordinator, taken from his home by Nigerien police at 04:00 am this morning. The arrest... read more
In June 2014, Global Witness' published a briefing paper calling on the government of South Sudan to issue a moratorium on all new contracts, and to call a halt to all contract negotiations until peace and the rule of... read more
With the final meeting of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals taking place next week, Global Witness is pushing for clear goals and targets on land rights, forest management, and anti-corruption... read more
Today it was reported that Italian financial police raided the headquarters of the oil company ENI, Italy’s largest company. The raid is part of a fresh investigation into the Italian oil giant's role in acquiring... read more
The tropical rainforests of Borneo are internationally recognized for their cultural and ecological significance, but they are under serious threat from unsustainable logging and agriculture. This threat is particularly... read more
   First survey of company ownership in Myanmar reveals widespread secrecy in oil and gas sector Click here to view infographic showing scale of problem The majority of companies recently awarded oil and... read more
The UK-listed company, Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO), which is threatening to seize land owned by Liberians in defiance of commitments by Liberia’s President, will today receive a visit from affected communities. Members of... read more
Soco’s announcement indicating a pull-out from an iconic African park leaves too much wiggle-room Spirit of statement immediately undermined by Deputy CEO’s comments in the Times Soco must fully answer serious... read more
Civil Society Experts Call on Delaware to Create Public Registry of Beneficial Ownership Information WASHINGTON, DC – Global Financial Integrity (GFI) and Global Witness expressed disappointment that the Delaware House... read more
Campaigners demand explanation from Crown Prosecution Service The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has failed to prevent more than US$110 million from a corrupt Nigerian oil deal leaving the UK, even though it had powers... read more
Click here to read the associated press release. South Sudan is the world’s newest country and its most oil dependent. It is the midst of a violent crisis which has killed thousands and displaced almost 1 million South... read more
简体中文 Read the briefing, South Sudan: the call for a moratorium on new oil contracts, click here. The government of South Sudan must immediately issue a moratorium on all new contracts in its oil industry, warns Global... read more
The Queen is expected to use today’s speech to outline ground-breaking reforms which will force companies to declare who really owns and controls them, in a move strongly welcomed by Global Witness. The campaign group... read more
Campaigners call on Shell to stop lobbying against new transparency laws Royal Dutch Shell’s involvement in a deal which saw $1.1bn diverted into the hands of a former Nigerian oil minister could see the company lose a... read more
Glencore, the world’s largest commodities trader, enriched a friend of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s president by tens of millions of dollars and protected his interests as it gained control of one of Africa’s... read more
U.S. Court of Appeals denies industry’s request to delay Section 1502 of Dodd-Frank in third consecutive ruling upholding the law Global Witness applauds the swift decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C... read more
Click here to read in English. Al comenzar el juicio contra más de 50 líderes indígenas en Perú, Global Witness insta al Gobierno peruano a garantizar una vista justa. Los acusados se enfrentan a condenas de cadena... read more
Para leer el texto en español, haga click aquí. As the trial of more than 50 indigenous leaders gets underway in Peru, Global Witness urges the government to ensure a fair hearing. The defendants face up to life... read more
Incoming Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi’s apparent personal involvement in a corrupt oil deal in Nigeria raises serious questions about his suitability for his role managing the Italian oil giant, said Global Witness as... read more
Efforts to recover stolen assets from the Ukraine need to paired with proactive steps to stop banks enabling state looting, said Global Witness as the international community gathers in London for  the Ukraine... read more
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was set up to give citizens of resource-rich countries information about how much their governments earn from natural resources in order to prevent corruption. It... read more
The shooting of Emmanuel de Merode, the head of Virunga National Park must be urgently investigated, said Global Witness today. De Merode was shot at least twice in an ambush in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on... read more
Version française ici The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit demonstrated its support for responsible sourcing by U.S.-listed companies in its ruling to uphold legislation designed to prevent the... read more
Dagliang pagkilos kinakailangan upang hamunin ang kawalan ng parusa sa mga may sala, ipagtanggol ang mamamayan at tugunan ang ugat ng krisis sa kapaligiran Ang mga pagpatay sa mga taong nangangalaga sa kapaligiran at... read more
É necessário tomar medidas urgentes para questionar a impunidade dos responsáveis, proteger os cidadãos e combater as causas de raiz da crise ambiental As mortes de pessoas que protegem o ambiente e o direito de... read more
Se requieren medidas urgentes para combatir la impunidad de los autores, proteger a los ciudadanos y atacar de raíz la crisis ambiental. Entre 2002 y 2013 aumentó drásticamente el número de personas asesinadas cuando... read more
Urgent action required to challenge impunity of perpetrators, protect citizens and address root causes of environmental crisis Killings of people protecting the environment and rights to land increased sharply between... read more
On the eve of the premiere of James Cameron’s Years of Living Dangerously, a Showtime documentary on the human impacts of climate change and forest loss, investigations by Global Witness and Friends of the Earth reveal... read more
简体中文 In the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) eastern provinces of North and South Kivu foreign and Congolese armed groups and members of the Congolese army (FARDC) have made millions of dollars through illegal... read more
简体中文 Global Witness has grave concerns about Zimbabwe’s elections, scheduled to take place on July 31st. The elections, which should mark Zimbabwe’s transition to a more free and fair democracy, look instead to bear the... read more
English: Italy’s Parliament yesterday debated the Government’s response to questions put to it about Italian oil company ENI’s conduct in acquiring Nigerian oil block OPL245.  On 10th May Simon Taylor, director of... read more
French and German versions below. Money launderers, corrupt politicians, terrorists, arms traffickers, drug smugglers, and tax evaders all rely on two things to move their dirty money: company structures that allow them... read more
Thursday's 6th Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Global Conference in Sydney will see oil, gas and mining executives, campaigners, investors and government officials ratify improvements in... read more
Global Witness understands that Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) CEO Doan Nguyen Duc held a press conference during which the company contested evidence in Global Witness’ report ‘Rubber Barons’. This report highlights how the... read more
简体中文 The European Union agreed the EU Timber Regulations (EUTR) in 2010, making it illegal as of 3 March 2013 for any company to place illegally harvested timber or products made from illegal timber on the EU market.... read more
There have been two cost/benefit analyses carried out looking at the costs of a beneficial ownership registry: one done by the UK in 2002 and one done by the European Commission in 2007. Both concluded that public... read more
Systematic abuse of small, poorly regulated logging permits in Africa by companies, forest officials and politicians is undermining efforts to fight deforestation and keep illegal timber out of the EU, says a new report... read more
简体中文 On 9 April 2013, the EU Member States, Parliament and Commission agreed to adopt new transparency rules for oil, gas, mining and logging companies. The agreement requires extractive and logging companies to publish... read more
Dear Chief Minister Taib, In an interview with the Let’s Talk programme on The Malaysian Observer, you challenged Global Witness to a debate on the allegations of corruption, land grabbing and tax evasion shown in the... read more
Global Witness’ investigations indicate that ZMDC, joint venture company Anjin, and businessman Sam Pa are involved in off-budget financing of military, police and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). We believe... read more
简体中文 Click here to read the press release. China’s supply of natural resources is a key element in the drive to sustain economic growth and long-term energy security. However, many resource-rich countries that China... read more
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Corruption was established on the 7th November 2011 to “bring together interested Members of the House of Commons and House of Lords to raise awareness of the impact of... read more
Shareholders of London-listed Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation will meet on Friday 28 December to vote on a $550 million deal aimed at buying out its main copper-and-cobalt mining partner in the Democratic... read more
Global Witness's Anthea Lawson and the Financial Task Force's Christine Clough discuss ways to address the illicit financial flows that threaten Uganda's extractive sector and wider economy. Read here. read more
Read this article on The Times website. We are desperately trying to rebuild British business after the financial crisis. Against that backdrop, you would think that an update to archaic anti-bribery laws that brings... read more
Read this blog on Huffington Post. When governments around the world are taking measures in support of fiscal austerity, foreign assistance is always a prime target for the chopping block. Bravely, some governments,... read more
This piece first ran on the Guardian website. The rich world has been busy tightening its belt in recent weeks, with Britain, Germany and Spain all announcing the severest economic cuts in generations and... read more
I was delighted to see Simon Singh's victory at the Court of Appeal last week, after a massively expensive, two-year fight to defend his right to contest the scientific opinion of the British... read more
By Charmian Gooch, Founding Director It's ironic that it takes the hushing of the England football captain's affair to highlight the scale of a problem that threatens campaign groups like Global Witness ... read more
By Simon Taylor, Founding Director Geoffrey Smith's piece, Energy Guru brings good news to Davos centring on Pulitzer prize winner Daniel Yergin's exuberance about future global oil supply, is typical of the over-... read more
Blog from Global Witness Director, Patrick Alley If the organisation of the climate talks in Copenhagen is anything to go by, even the best-intentioned negotiations would be lucky to succeed. Queues hundreds of metres... read more
IEA fear oil spike if climate pledges fail read more
Liberian president sacks all but one ministers read more
Article: Why fighting corruption in Asia involves battling apathy read more
Is your cell phone soaked in Congolose blood? read more
Diamond watchdog debates Zimbabwe exports read more
Saving forests is topping the agenda of a UN summit on biodiversity in Japan. As the meeting enters its final days, there are growing fears that the talks could bog down amid acrimony between poor and rich countries... read more
Transparency International - Corruption Index 2010 – Authoritative annual review of global corruption from our friends at Transparency International. read more
War-torn states are still seen as being the most corrupt in the world, according to a new report from Transparency International. BBC World - War-hit countries most corrupt read more
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia and the first woman ever elected head of state on the continent of Africa, ordered the leader of her security team. We were driving along one of the scarce paved avenues in... read more
 A founding myth in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea is said to have foretold the arrival of ExxonMobil, the American oil giant that is preparing to extract natural gas here and ship it overseas.  ... read more
The London-based anti-corruption campaign group, Global Witness, said it has evidence that Teodorin Obiang, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the tiny West African state of Equatorial Guinea, has plans to... read more
This article was published in the Financial Times on 24th February 2011. Read press advisory on this issue. Don't make it easier for dictators to steal By Anthea Lawson, head of Kleptocracy campaign The world may... read more
A U.S. diplomat called Equatorial Guinea's dictator of 31 years one of "the good guys" in leaked diplomatic cables urging Washington to engage with its third largest oil supplier or risk endangering energy security,... read more
Global Witness's Anthea Lawson and the Financial Task Force's Christine Clough discuss ways to address the illicit financial flows that threaten Uganda's extractive sector and wider economy. Read here. read more
Read this article on The Times website. We are desperately trying to rebuild British business after the financial crisis. Against that backdrop, you would think that an update to archaic anti-bribery laws that brings... read more
Guardian Focus Podcast: Land grabs in Africa read more
BBC - Sudan 'needs clearer oil-sharing deal' read more
A campaign to clean up electronic companies' mineral supply chains may ameliorate the chaos of ungovernable mining, asks Madeleine Bunting in the Guardian. Read here. read more
Robin Hammond reports from the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border on the ramifications of Zimbabwe's new-found diamond wealth for the global trade and the country's domestic politics. read more
Guardian : Court documents allege 'corrupt' Kazakhstan regime's link to FTSE firms. Click here to read. read more
Russia and Ukraine settle dispute over gas - click here to read. read more
The Guardian's environment editor and Global Witness's Davyth Stewart discuss what the climate summit in Cancun can achieve, and what role local action can play in bringing about such change. Click here to hear the... read more
Reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) the BBC's Paul Moss hears local views of how minerals fuel conflict in the region. Clicke here to listen. read more
CBC News -Congolese try suing Anvil Mining in Canada read more