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Tokyo Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan

4th July 2012

The Tokyo Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (8th July) brings together the Afghan government, international donors and civil society for a one-day event which will set the framework for future assistance to the Afghan state. High on the agenda is the country’s economic future and the sustainability of public finances. The conference represents a critical moment for the international community to help decide what role Afghanistan's mineral wealth will play in the country's future.

Global Witness is calling for concrete and measureable benchmarks for the emerging extractives industry, and safeguards to protect against further instabilty in Afghanistan. These should be building on the laudible commitments made to transparancy and accountability at the Bonn Conference and Afghan-US strategic partnership.

To find out more:

  • Read this Letter to Secretary Clinton: A joint letter on behalf of thirteen congressional representitives addressed to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling on her to take forward commitments to transparancy and accountability made the Bonn Conference and Afghan-US strategic partnership at Tokyo.