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Fuelling Mistrust: The need for transparency in Sudan's oil industry

7th September 2009
This new report from Global Witness calls for greater transparency in the oil revenue sharing system in Sudan, revealing new evidence that raises serious questions about the accuracy of the oil production figures published in Khartoum.


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Faced with a gun, what can you do?

31st July 2009

War and the militarisation of mining in eastern congo - a report by Global Witness July 2009


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Global Witness Report: 'Faced with a gun, what can you do?'

21st July 2009
Global Witness report on the militarisation of mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo, based on extensive field research. Names Asian and European companies that are trading in conflict minerals, thereby fuelling the conflict.


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Vested Interests: industrial logging and carbon in tropical forests

5th June 2009
Vested Interests documents how industrial logging in primary tropical forests under the guise of "sustainable forest management" (SFM) is a major source of carbon emissions and a primary driver of deforestation.


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Undue Diligence: How banks do business with corrupt regimes

11th March 2009

New report, Undue Diligence, names some of the major banks who have done business with corrupt regimes. By accepting these customers, banks are assisting those who are using state assets to enrich themselves or brutalise their own people.

This corruption denies the world's poorest people the chance to lift themselves out of poverty and leaves them dependent on aid. The report sets out what governments, regulators and banks need to do in order to tackle this complicity with corruption.

Mission Report 019 IFM Nicaragua (Spanish only)

3rd March 2009

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3rd March 2009

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3rd March 2009

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