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REDD Recommendations

We have agreed on a number of recommendations that are necessary for a good REDD deal. They are:

Independent Monitoring of REDD. Global Witness pioneered Independent Forest Monitoring and is calling for third party, independent monitoring of REDD as an essential component to ensure good governance, transparency and equity.

Transparency both in the UNFCCC and in national processes. Global Witness is calling for full transparency in all stages of REDD, from international negotiations to the design and implementation of national REDD strategies.

Genuine multi-stakeholder participation in national REDD groups. Click here to download our briefing paper on how transparent, participatory processes are essential if REDD is to be fair and effective.

No REDD funds for industrial logging. If REDD is to be an effective tool to mitigate climate change, funds must not be used to benefit or subsidise industrial logging operations.

Prioritise biodversity-rich forests and peatlands. This proposal to the UN Convention of Biological Diversity recommends that REDD prioritises the protection and restoration of biodiversity-rich primary forests and peatlands.

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